Welcome to Men's Shed!

It has been said that Sheds are to a man what a handbag is to a woman. Many men on retirement not only find they are at a loose end but when they downsize their homes find they no longer have space for the workshop where they once undertook many tasks using their life time of accumulated skills. In some cases this has led to the onset of depression. It has been shown that Men’s Sheds have made a huge positive step to help men deal with depression, other causes of mental illness, advancing age and injury/disability rehabilitation.

The project is to provide a not-for-profit community workshop where for a minimal annual fee members can drop in and spend some time chatting and working on tasks with support and machinery provided.

Members can either work on their own projects or assist with a variety of community based projects.

Retired men that have skills will be able to share these with those that don’t and together enjoy creating small projects for themselves and others in the community.

The workshop is designed for the experienced and the novice and we could invite teenagers in who would like to have the opportunity to learn from other more experienced people.

Research has shown that women generally have better social networks than men and the Men’s Shed will provide a place for men to improve their social network and self-esteem by feeling productive and valuable to society in general.

The Board of Trustees having obtained from Auckland Council a lease of a site at 34 Elliott Avenue, Glenfield (in Elliott Reserve) has had constructed a 300m² fully insulated TotalSpan shed.  During 2012 members completed the internal fit out, and the Shed was officially opened on Sunday April 7th 2013.

In early 2016, an extra 100m² was added to The Shed to more than double the amount of space available for engineering. Once again, members chipped in and completed the internal fit-out to a very high standard.

It is also hoped to extend the Shed a bit more in the near future to make more room for electronics and model making.



There are many types of activities that can be undertaken e.g:

  • Woodworking projects
  • Small boat repairs
  • Toy making
  • Computer skills
  • Electronic repairs
  • Furniture repairs
  • Wood turning
  • Small engineering projects
  • Community projects






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