What is a “Men’s Shed”?

It has been said that Sheds are to a man what a handbag is to a woman. Many men on retirement not only find they are at a loose end, but when they downsize their homes they find they no longer have space for the workshop where they once undertook many tasks using their life time of accumulated skills. In some cases this has led to the onset of depression.

It has been shown that Men’s Sheds have made a huge positive step to giving men of all ages and backgrounds, a space where they can socialise and they can also help alleviate depression associated with advancing years and can assist with rehabilitation from the effects of injury or disability.

The Men’s Shed provides a place for men to improve their social network and self-esteem by feeling productive and valuable to society in general.

Sheds, according to Professor Barry Golding from the University of Ballarat, are not only crucially important to the health and well-being of men but they also provide a place for them to socialise and share their knowledge and skills.

Many people perceive that life after work will be smooth sailing but unfortunately, says Golding, this is just not true.

This is where sheds come in. Sheds do not treat men like clients, customers, or patients. They do not treat age as a deficit; there is no ageism. Sheds are a place where men can rekindle their passion for life, where they can take advantage of opportunities, where they can make friends and share their experiences, gain a sense of belonging and where, ultimately, they can be happy.

The Men’s Shed North Shore welcomes new members of all ages and if you are not too sure about joining then just come along and spend some time chatting with some of the chaps that at the Shed. We have found that our members individually have variety of experience and as a combined team create a massive support group for whatever project you are involved in.

Members can work on their own personal projects, give help and support to other members or be involved in a group project for other community organisations.

The shed is also a good “drop in” spot to just have a chat and a cuppa and watch members busy with all sorts of projects, who knows, you may be able to give advice and help solve a member's problems with their job.

There is also an ever expanding library of technical magazines and books

Come along and give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised.